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Jeremy and I worked in the same building but never met until a mutual friend decided we would be perfect for each other. Though we were skeptical when we met at a casual happy hour after work, we knew something was different. Our relationship grew from there, and our love grew stronger despite meeting four months before I had to move from Omaha, Neb., to Rochester. Jeremy proposed a year and a half later on an amazing family trip to Sweden.

“Beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat!”

– Joanne Woodward

The hilarious, witty, and at times slightly inappropriate man I chose to share my life with helped remind me not to sweat the small things on our special day, and had me laughing until my cheeks hurt. I was sad that my father, who passed when I was 19, was not there to walk me down the aisle. And there were a few glitches along the way, however, these hiccups could not stop Ben from making me smile and laugh the entire day.

Travis and I met at Winona State University our freshman year of college. Two years into our relationship, Travis joined the United States Air Force and got stationed in Texas.  I stayed in Winona to complete the nursing program. During that year apart, we endured the challenges of a long-distance relationship. During the Christmas holiday of my last year at Winona State, Travis was on leave and created a scavenger hunt for me. At the end, I found Travis down on one knee! Of course, I said “yes!”

Our wedding was better than a child’s dream! When you imagine the day in your head, it’s impossible to envision the look on your prince’s face when he sees you for the first time, to see how proud your brothers are of you, to note the appreciation your parents feel for your new husband, to experience the welcoming arms of his parents, or to feel the insurmountable love and support that bathe you the whole day. What made this even more possible was the team of people who helped. The best thing we did in planning was to commission the most talented artists in town and let them create.

In January 2010, we met while attending my cousin’s wedding party and sparks flew. It was soon clear that living an hour apart was too far, so within a few months I got a job in Rochester. Four years later, Andrew placed an engagement ring on our dog’s collar. Deuce, our German Shorthair, came to me as Andrew took a knee and asked me to marry him. 

I never thought I would lose my husband at 36 years of age, let alone have a second wedding. I never thought I could find another love like that. It just shows that you never can tell.

When Jeff and I got engaged, I had reservations about having another “big to-do” wedding. Was that appropriate? The answer to that is—yes, absolutely! We had so much to celebrate and be happy about. Jeff and I were in love and excited about our marriage. We wanted to share it with our closest friends and family, but we wanted to do it in a big way. Instead of having a wedding day, we had a wedding weekend.

They always say you find “the one” when you least expect it. Rob and I met in 2009 in Iowa City, Iowa, at a karaoke bar. After I sang my heart out, Rob asked for my number and, as they say, the rest is history! Rob proposed on March 31, 2013, with a beautiful and sentimental ring. The diamonds in it came from the wedding rings of Rob’s grandmother and my great aunt. It is a beautiful symbol of bringing together two families.

I met Terry when a mutual friend introduced us.  Over 23 years, our paths crossed many times until we found ourselves alone but 325 miles apart. Finally, he called and wanted to take me to dinner when he was in town. Our first date was at Digger’s Sting in La Crosse. After, we stayed in touch, exchanging stories and memories of the past. One day, Terry told me to get dressed up and pick a great restaurant for our date. We went to Seasons on the Lake in Onalaska. After ordering dinner, Terry got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

Cody and I attended the same high school where he was a year ahead of me. We never had any interest in each other; honestly, we never even had a conversation. So it was strange when I heard Cody speak in chapel, and I couldn’t get thoughts of him out of my head afterward. He had just finished six months at bible school in Panama, and I was a senior. At this point, I often joked around with his younger brother, telling him that I was going to marry Cody one day. Only I wasn’t really joking, I knew I’d marry him.