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The Basics of Natural Beauty


Timeless trends for wedding hair, makeup, and body care
By Kim Seidel

Brides are gravitating toward an effortless, timeless appearance as they choose their hairstyle and makeup for their big day. It’s a naturally beautiful, romantic look for that walk down the aisle.

Get started by focusing on your skin
While hair and makeup styles remain a focus for brides, many are also opting to rejuvenate their skin and body. With good skin care, a beautiful healthy complexion is created naturally. That look is enhanced by makeup and hair color. “The most important beauty trend for any bride is her skin, so starting a regular skincare routine at least six months before the wedding will ensure a glowing complexion,” says Stephanie Andresen-Stevens of Brilliant Bodywork. “These treatments typically include regular facials every four to six weeks, microdermabrasion treatments, eyebrow shaping, dermaplaning and a proper homecare regimen.” Sugaring, an all-organic body hair removal and exfoliation process, is also popular with brides. Even grooms are getting in on the pampering, commonly going to salons for straight shaving and hot towel treatments, says April Landwehr of Tease Salon & Barbershop.

Natural colors are the crowning glory
Hair color trends for brides reflect natural styles. “Blondes are more golden-honey than platinum, redheads are more golden-copper, and brunettes like a few soft caramel highlights around the face to brighten up,” says Landwehr. In place of the traditional veil, young brides are using flowers in their hair design as well as flower crowns and single large flowers to dress up the romantic, effortless, and timeless look with class. An added accessory in the hair, such as an ornate brooch, gives hair a more glamorous appeal.  “Hairstyles include relaxed, vintage looks such as a tousled up-do,” says Andresen-Stevens. “Or brides wear hair down with waves and/or curls, giving them that romantic look.”

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Soft, romantic shades light up the face
Like the hair styles and colors, wedding makeup is natural and softer with lighter, more romantic shades. “A perfect example would be a luxurious, airbrush foundation application for a flawless complexion,” says Andresen-Stevens. “The use of warm colors on the cheeks against the white gown will grant you that wanted glow. Soft, smoky eyes with dramatic winged eyeliner and voluminous eyelashes are a fabulous way to polish off the overall look.” For more specific shades, brides’ eyes shimmer naturally with nudes, golds, and bronzes, Landwehr says. Kissable lips are lightly colored with nudes, berries, or rose tones. Voluminous eyelash extensions and the flawless airbrush makeup technique are also popular wedding day choices.

Seeking inspiration online
Whether brides want to model current trends or break away from the mold, more and more are looking to the Internet and websites, especially Pinterest, for inspiration. “Pinterest has been a game changer for brides-to-be,” says Andresen-Stevens. “Having the ability to customize your perfect wedding day and overall wedding theme with millions of creative and customizable ideas has led countless young women to create a dream board for their wedding day.” And that, opens the door to endless possibilities for hair, makeup, and body care trends for both brides and grooms.


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